It's Day One of Small Business Week!

Today, April 29th, kicks off day one of Small Business Week 2018. It's time to celebrate entrepreneurship, local businesses, and being the little fish in a big pond!

So, what does being a small business mean to you personally?

For me, it means having the privilege of working with amazing people and being a part of being a part of a community I love. Every day, I get to collaborate with other small business owners who are passionate, hard-working, and love what they do. I couldn't ask for anything better!

When I started ThreeFox Marketing eleven years ago, I never would have imagined I would have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing local entrepreneurs, and get to be a part of helping them grow their businesses. This last year in particular has been incredibly amazing as I began to reach out to small businesses within my hometown community of West Sacramento.

Over the next few days, I'll be featuring a few of these amazing clients who are doing great things with their small businesses right here in the West Sacramento area. I encourage you to check them out, and show them some love (this week especially), in support of your community and Small Business Week!

Whitmore Plumbing:

Logo, website, business cards, car magnets, and promotional items by ThreeFox Marketing

I first met Doug Whitmore of Whitmore Plumbing when I was doing a DIY remodel of my bathroom. After discovering a leaky pipe under my sink, I went on Nextdoor to get some local recommendations. With great reviews to his name, I contacted Doug and he made it a priority to come by my place to check it out within two hours. Doug provided amazing service at an amazing price, was super friendly and professional, and after the work was done, continued to follow-up to ensure everything was working properly.

Doug and I became quick friends and I learned about how he was working on transitioning his business from the Bay Area to here in the local Sacramento area. We came up with a plan to increase the visibility of his company here in West Sacramento and I worked on creating his logo, website, business cards, car magnets, and promo items. We also got him established on Yelp and Nextdoor to increase his SEO and referral based business.

Needless to say, Doug is now a very busy businessman as his referral-based business continues to grow through word-of-mouth, and is backed by an impeccable online reputation and with marketing materials to match. Doug's success is due to his initiative, hard work, desire to make his clients happy, and of course his 15+ years of experience!

Read more about Doug and his business on his website -, or give him a call at 916-718-0227. You'll be happy you did!

Whitmore Plumbing Business Card

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About Doug Whitmore and Whitmore Plumbing:

Doug Whitmore, Owner of Whitmore Plumbing, is one of the Sacramento area's most experienced plumbers and has been serving the Sacramento and Bay Area for over 15 years with pride. Whitmore Plumbing can handle anything from the most basic of plumbing needs, to more complex projects like complete plumbing systems, radiant heating, and warm floors.

Doug finds great satisfaction in working directly with homeowners on bath and kitchen remodels and troubleshooting plumbing issues. Doug is extremely resourceful and prides himself in his problem-solving skills, saving you time and money.

Doug is also extremely capable with a multitude of materials - From cast iron, to galvanized pipe, to copper, and everything in between. And Whitmore Plumbing only uses the highest quality materials ensuring you peace-of-mind for years to come.

Doug Whitmore, his wife, and twin daughters moved to West Sacramento from the Bay Area in 2012. Doug and his wife enjoy spending their leisure time taking motorcycle rides along the delta, working on various projects around the house, and spending time with their two active 11-year olds. The Whitmore girls enjoy helping Dad around the garage, riding dirt bikes, singing, dancing, and playing with their dog, Stevie. Since moving to West Sacramento, many family members have followed suit, and now the Whitmore's look forward to their large Sunday night family dinners each week.

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