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Welcome to ThreeFox Marketing

Hi! I'm Sunnie Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer and Owner of ThreeFox Marketing. I started ThreeFox Marketing (originally called SunDay Marketing Solutions) in March 2007 and have been successfully helping other small business ever since.

ThreeFox Marketing was originally created as a casual business and was a way to earn a couple extra bucks on the side. However, I quickly realized the importance of my business when, in September of 2007, I was laid-off from the from the mortgage company where I served as the District Marketing Manager.


Only loan officers and a few others were spared during the company-wide layoffs, and they quickly found themselves without any of the vital marketing assistance that they had come to rely on. I knew that that my skills and assistance were still needed - not only to help the loan officers generate new business, but also to continue nurturing the client relationships that we had worked so hard to build. My former coworkers began reaching out to me for contract work, and soon ThreeFox Marketing became more than a "weekend only" business!


ThreeFox Marketing has grown and matured over the last ten years and, with a diverse portfolio of clients, primarily generated by referral, I am proud to say that ThreeFox Marketing has become the trusted marketing service for other small businesses in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Why Choose ThreeFox Marketing?


When local businesses work together to support each other amazing things can happen!


Running a small business in the Sacramento and surrounding area has many benefits. One of those benefits is being a part of a large community of other small businesses that understand what it’s like to be the little fish in a big pond. Did you know that more than 80 percent of Sacramento’s 25,000 plus business establishments have less than 50 employees?* Our community depends on us to drive and support our local economy, as well as to help put food on the tables for our families. And, when local businesses come together to support and nurture each other, those results are amplified tenfold.


Running a small businesses can come with big challenges though—especially when it comes to marketing. Many small business owners lack the time, energy, staff, funds, and resources to implement effective marketing campaigns that will increase visibility, reputation, new customers, and profits.


That’s where ThreeFox Marketing comes in.


ThreeFox Marketing is a small business based out of West Sacramento that has been helping other small businesses with their marketing needs for over a decade. We are dedicated to helping other small businesses around the area increase their name recognition, present a professional appearance, and drive more traffic through their doors—all at affordable prices tailored to small businesses budgets.


We specialize in business consulting, website design, event planning, graphic design, print products (such as business cards, brochures, flyers, and more), and customized marketing solutions. I invite you to browse our website to learn more about what we can offer and how we can help take your business to the next level.


Thank you for taking the time to consider ThreeFox Marketing for all your marketing needs—we look forward to supporting you and your business. And from one small business to another, happy marketing!






Sunnie Thornton

Chief Marketing Officer / Owner